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Leicestershire LINk - HealthWatch - NEW Government proposals

HealthWatch - NEW Government proposals

Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 11:06

HealthWatch - NEW Government proposals

On Friday 2nd March the Department of Health announced new proposals for HealthWatch. They are to be debated by the House of Lords this week and assuming their approval HealthWatch Leicestershire will be established, by the County Council as a corporate body carrying out statutory functions, and there will be greater flexibility on how it is established. The County Council, in consultation with the LINk and the local community, will decide what HealthWatch Leicestershire should look like.

The Government has published 'Local Healthwatch: a stronger voice for people - the policy explained' which gives a lot more information.

We are looking forward to working with the County Council to make sure that HealthWatch Leicestershire really meets the aspirations of the LINk, and those of the people of Leicestershire when it is comes into being in April 2013. We will let you know more as the discussions develop.

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Geoff Smith, HealthWatch Lead, LINk Board

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